The Scorpions Tail

The Scorpions Tail

Marca: Grand Central

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1 bestselling authors Preston & Child return with the next book in a series featuring archaeologist Nora Kelly and FBI Agent Corrie Swanson. Following OLD BONES, the second happily anticipated new thriller in Preston & Child s new series will once again feature Nora Kelly, archaeologist at the Santa Fe Archeological Institute, and FBI Agent Corrie Swanson investigating a new case that requires both their skills (Booklist). After a shootout Swanson is involved in leaves a senior FBI agent gravely wounded, Corrie finds herself under investigation. Her supervisor assures her she s not to blame and the black mark on her record will be cleared in short order. But Corrie finds herself shake her overwhelming guilt. As a distraction, she takes on a new case involving a fiftyyearold, mummified corpse discovered in a hidden enclave at High Lonesome, a longabandoned New Mexico ghost town. Quickly out of her depth, she quickly realizes she needs the help of her foeturnedally, archaeologist Nora Kelly, who soon uncovers a startling truth the deceased had been poisoned, and died clutching a priceless artifact from outside High Lonesome.

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  • Ano: 2021
  • Autor: Lincoln Child
  • Capa: Mole
  • Editora: Grand Central
  • Encadernação: Paperback
  • Idioma: Inglês
  • ISBN: 9781538747278
  • Páginas: 480