Born Behind Bars

Born Behind Bars

Marca: Penguin Books

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The author of the awardwinning The Bridge Home brings readers another gripping novel set in Chennai, India, featuring a boy who s unexpectedly released into the world after spending his whole life in jail with his mom. Kabir has been in jail since the day he was born, because his mom is serving time for a crime she didn t commit. He s never met his dad, so the only family he s got are their cellmates, and the only place he feels the least bit free is in the classroom, where his kind teacher regales him with stories of the wonders of the outside world. Then one day a new warden arrives and announces Kabir is too old to stay. He gets handed over to a longlost uncle who unfortunately turns out to be a fraud, and intends to sell Kabir. So Kabir does the only thing he canrun away as fast as his legs will take him. How does a boy with nowhere to go and no connections make his way? Fortunately, he befriends Rani, another street kid, and she takes him under her wing. But plotting their next move is hardand fraught with dangerin a world that cares little for homeless, low caste children. This is not the world Kabir dreamed ofbut he s discovered he s not the type to give up. Kabir is ready to show the world that heand his motherdeserve a place in it.

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  • Ano: 2021
  • Autor: Padma Venkatraman
  • Encadernação: Paperback
  • Idioma: Inglês
  • Páginas: 272
  • Capa: Mole
  • Editora: Penguim Books
  • ISBN: 9780593407646
  • Gênero do livro: Literatura e Ficção
  • Título do livro: Born Behind Bars